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The Skinny on Getting Lean

featured articles health and nutrition Aug 29, 2020

Have you ever wondered why certain foods leave you feeling bloated, headachy and fatigued? Chances are you're experiencing the symptoms of a food intolerance!

In this article in Oxygen Magazine, I talk about the science behind food intolerances, why midnight snacking is a don't and ways to improve your digestion and sleep quality!

Best thing ever? Knowing that someone is enjoying the article I’m featured in (that was on the front cover of Oxygen Magazine 2020 Summer issue!) lounging by their pool in the Hamptons….

I got a text from that someone with my name circled in the magazine, and went right to the store to grab myself a copy!

It’s all about getting lean…. BUT my tips & tricks will surprise you! I’m definitely not giving the same ‘ol same advice you’ve been hearing for years….

Writer and editor Jill Schildhouse & I chat food sensitivities, functional medicine, sleep optimization, and how your mentality impacts your weight loss and workout efforts.

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