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Total Body
Blueprint Immersion

Head-to-toe specialty Functional Medicine laboratory testing and consultation package.

This is the perfect place to start. We work with busy men and women who want more out of their life and are sick and tired of dealing with nagging symptoms.


Private 1:1
Health Consulting

The work you do demands a different wiring of your body and environment.

You’re different humans, you are a machine. you thrive on the grind, the hustle, and you excel doing it. Others don’t understand and can’t comprehend... we do.


Invest in the Health of Your Employees

You and your top employees must feel and perform at your highest.

By prioritizing this, you can actively build a supportive culture that people want to be (and stay) a part of, and get even more out of your employees and talent. Take your company to the next level!


What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine seeks to find the root cause of why you’re having symptoms or diseases, and gives the answers of what to do to fix those things, so the body can function fully again and thrive.

Our speciality is figuring out the root cause (through Functional Medicine methods) of what’s causing your inflammation and what’s depleting your immune system, and giving you the exact plan on how to rebalance it.

With Celproceo, you have all the tools and support to go further faster, by rewiring your body and mind to activate an even higher level of performance while feeling absolutely amazing—physically and mentally.


Eat Right for your Inflammation Type 

◆ ◆ ◆ 

Maggie Berghoff presents a personalized and accessible approach to reducing and reversing inflammation.

Using thorough questionnaires to first identify your specific ailments, Eat Right for Your Inflammation Type prescribes the targeted regimens that will help you successfully tackle and live free of the major types of inflammation, including hormonal, digestive, and more.

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I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis since I was 48 years old...that's 25 years of my life. I cannot believe I no longer need infusions, I'm sleeping through the night, my pain is gone, I can think clearly, and I'm able to live my life again.


I was just spending so much money, on supplements, labs, appointments, and not getting any results before working with celproceo toward reversing my chronic illnesses.


I knew Celproceo was my answer. I was so frustrated before I started working with them, and now I feel better than ever after just a few weeks. I am so glad I decided to invest in my life.


I can’t even believe it. I have never felt this good in my entire life. I went from weighing 198 to 174 without even trying, just by listening to the recommendations given from Celproceo after reviewing my lab work. I have more energy, I’m happier, and I’m sleeping better than ever.


With my specific lab data, we developed my perfect nutrition plan that was still super simple for me to follow. I feel absolutely amazing and couldn’t have done it without Celproceo.


I will always treasure the investment that I made for my health and well-being through working with Celproceo. I feel more alive, optimistic and empowered to be faithful to what I have learned. Celproceo was put into my life so I can live the life I was meant to live.

So You're Feelin' Kinda Rough 

You're bloated, tired, skin breaking out, not the weight you desire, irritable, anxious, or in pain.

Docs are bouncing you around telling you "everything looks normal" when you very much do not feel "normal."

ou've tried a ton of things—eating healthy, working out, meditation, supplements, and more—and it didn't do the trick.

It's the worst—and super frustrating. At Celproceo, we get it. We're here to support you fully, every step of the way, and get you the health results you're after WHILE living in a modern world.


Support, Guidance, and Personalization

Apply below and let's get you on the path to your most energetic and happy life!




"I created my 
perfect daily routine while working with Maggie.

...and not even just related to what to eat, exercise, mindset, but with my business, too! She helped me 
balance out my day and put the right habits where needed to boost my productivity and energy and keep me feeling amazing all day without any crashes.”




You have a lot to get done in a day, and can’t afford to be groggy and tired. You love growth, and want to do whatever you can to ensure you stay in flow and full of energy each and every day.



If you just knew exactly what to do for your body, and had someone giving you the solutions, you know you could follow-through and finally look and feel your best.



Your health is taking a toll on the amount of money you’re making, and your professional goals. unlock your true earning potential faster than you ever thought possible.



Discover the hidden time blocks in your life that can increase your effectiveness in every other area while getting more done in less time. Maximize every second of your day to accomplish your biggest goals.



You're already doing some amazing things in life, but it's time to focus FULLY on your internal physical health, and the toxins coming at you from your environment so you can truly become legendary - the best of the best.



You are a biochemically unique individual, and what’s going on inside your body demands customized attention for highest results and spot-on solutions. Match the perfect health plan to meet your specific needs.

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