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The Path to Peak Performance

celproceo high performance maggie's story Sep 23, 2020

With the right mindset and health regimine, everyone can walk the path to peak performance!

Don't miss this interview on Nick Symmond's legendary podcast, "Run the Day." We discuss my personal journey from a devastating diagnosis in my youth to fully healing myself through functional medicine and starting my online health consulting business, Celproceo. Lastly, you'll find out how you too can change your mindset and up your health game to operate at peak performance!

Do you all know Nick Symmonds? He’s a top-notch 2x Olympian athlete, and happens to be into all things health & wellness that we do at Celproceo!

He’s also an entrepreneur and has a legendary podcast, "Run the Day,” which I was honored to come onto to talk about my past health struggles, the path to healing my own body and how that ultimately led me to start Celproceo.

To learn more about my journey and how to reach your peak performance with myself and 2x Olympian Nick Symmonds click the link below.

Click here to listen to the full podcast โ‡ข

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