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My Story and How to Gain the Competitive Edge

featured articles high performance maggie's story stress Aug 29, 2020

My story behind health and wellness started at a young age when my mother was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer.

She was told by her traditional doctors that there was nothing else they could do for her to heal her cancer, and she would not live past this. However, she asked for a sign from God, and he delivered.

She healed her body with more natural means and thus developed a newfound passion for nutrition and healing the body. This instilled in me a love for using food as medicine at a very young age.

However, there’s SO much more to healing the body than the foods you consume…

I learned this the hard way..

Despite paying attention to what I thought was “healthy,” my own health complications arose at the young age of 24, and I was let down horribly by the traditional medical model. No doctors could figure out what was going on to cause my symptoms and abnormalities, and gave me no guidance or answers. Instead, they’d give me a prescription pill to cover up symptoms, and an empty “follow-up in 6 months” request.

No answers. No solutions. No hope.

I turned to Functional and Integrative medicine in order to heal my own body of the diseases and inflammation I was experiencing.

Long story short, it worked… 

I now feel and am able to perform better than ever before, all my labs are completely “normal,” I’m off all medications, and I have had 3 healthy pregnancies naturally despite my doctors telling me I was “infertile.”

I now see men and women from all around the world and help them find the root cause of their symptoms and get them this resolution as well.

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