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The Total Body Blueprint Immersion Package

Hire the best of the best for your health & wellness this year.

We will help you streamline and simplify exactly what you should do to reach your health goals in a super strategic way.

I lost 35 lbs without even trying, feel light on my feet, my energy is boosted, and I'm sleeping amazing. I also had inflammation in my body, causing pain and discomfort, and that is gone, too! My entire life has changed and I feel confident I can maintain this forever with the tools Celproceo provided to me.


After a week of removing my food sensitivities, my anxiety has decreased by 75%.

Also my lower lip has peeled for 20+ years, and in the last week, I'm already seeing improvement in that symptom.


I created my perfect daily routine while working with Celproceo.

...not even just related to what to eat, exercise, mindset, but with my business, too!


Celproceo helped me balance out my day and put the right habits where needed.


This has boosted my productivity and energy, keeping me feeling amazing all day without any crashes.


Celproceo's guidance has been a huge game-changer for me.


Not only can i fly around the world and speak at events without getting drained and puffy, but I don’t even get bloated anymore after eating - even if it’s not a “healthy” option!


I was put on 20 supplements immediately my first visit with the another functional medicine practitioner.


I'm so glad Celproceo actually found out what's going on in my body to fix it instead of throwing supplements at me.


We are committed to getting you results... are YOU?!

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Total Body Blueprint Immersion

Total Body Blueprint Immersion (TBBI)
is a head-to-toe specialty functional medicine laboratory testing and consultation package [for optimal assessment] that tells us what's going on in your body so we can appropriately provide you with an exact game-plan to reach all your health and wellness goals.

  • This program allows you to see which antioxidant and nutrient levels are low that could be leaving you more prone to elevated inflammation, contributing to your health issues.
  • You will discover if you have an underlying food sensitivity, gut imbalance, malabsorption, maldigestion, heavy metal toxicity, poor metabolic pathways, and SO much more.
  •’s truly an inside out, system by system analysis on what’s going on in your body right now!

You’ll have consultations with a highly trained professional to provide recommendations based on your history, goals, labs, and lifestyle.

Your concierge wellness specialist will be with you every step of the way!

What's Included:

โœ“ Speciality functional medicine labs
โœ“ 90 minute in-depth initial case review + consultation
โœ“ Individualized supplement recommendations
โœ“ Individualized food choices, lifestyle hacks, & more

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At Celproceo, we do things the new way.

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PS: We co-create other programs specifically for your needs above the TBBI. Examples would be to fly to you for a home and/or office optimization day/weekend, fly to you for in-person wellness consultation, provide services to your top employees, host a webinar presentation or keynote for your audience or company, or work with you and your family long-term to care for all your health and wellness related needs, and be your “person” for this—every step of your life.

We are the experts you can trust. We got you!

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